WWW vs non WWW and Which is Better For WordPress SEO

When setting up your site you may want to take a look at if you put WWW or not in your url. People often wonder if they should change their site url for better SEO. In this video, we will show you WWW vs non-WWW and which is better for SEO.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

When you have www. in front of a site, it acts like a hostname which can help with DNS flexibility and a few other things.

While non-www domains do not have that advantage.

In terms of SEO there is no advantage to use one over the other and showing one over the other is completely personal preference.

It is important to be consistent with how you show your site.

In Google Webmaster tools you can set your preference under site settings.

If you use SEO by Yoast it automatically sets canonical URLs in your header that tells Google your preference.

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