WordPress vs Weebly, Which one is better

Are you trying to decide between WordPress and Weebly to build your site? Each has their own benefits and uses but one may be better than the other for what you are looking to do. In this video, we will show you WordPress vs Weebly and which we think is better.

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Summary of this Tutorial:

First Weebly is a hosted platform which means your website is on their server and you have to abide by their terms of service. The migration process is also pretty difficult as well.

Conversely WordPress is an open source software that you can install on your own server. you own 100% of all the content.

Weebly comes with a good selection of tools builtin to their platform. But if there is something that you want added that isn't on their list, then you can't just hire someone to add it for you.

On WordPress you'll have to install all the plugins yourself to extend the WordPress functionality, but you aren't limited to anything. and there are over 37,000 plugins to choose from.

Weebly excels at design and their most desired feature is the ability to use their drag and drop page builder to create a website.

Although WordPress is not drag and drop by default, there are some premium themes like headway themes and themify which do have drag and drop.

Weebly allows you to create your own store, but their features are basic and not much you can do to customize.

WordPress has several ecommerce plugins that allow you to create your own store and there are no additional transactions fees to pay.

Weebly lets you download your site as a zip, but that's just the html and images. if you have a blog or sliders, then that content is not exported and it's very difficult to move your content from Weebly.

With WordPress, you can export all your content and data easily as an XML and migrate the data to any other platform you like.


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