How to Fix WordPress Not Sending Email Issue

Sending WordPress emails should normally be easy but at times can be difficult. Lucily there are services like MailGun to help ensure your emails get to their destination. In this video, we will show you how to fix WordPress not sending email issue.

Text version of this tutorial:

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Summary of this tutorial:

Start by going to MailGun and sign up for an account.


Scroll down and a domain to your MailGun account.

On your hosting provider you would want to log in and edit your subdomains.

Create the subdomain and add it to mailgun. To verify, go back to your hosting account and edit the DNS for your domain.

Add txt records using the advanced zone editor and copy the value into the txt data.

Edit your MX directory for your domain and you want to add the MX records MailGun has asked for.

Once finished, go to your site, plugins, add new, and add the Mailgun for WordPress plugin.

Once activated, go to it's settings to set it up how you would like.

Add your domain name for mailgun, grab your API key from your Mailgun account, and decide if you wanted to edit any of the other settings.


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