How to Add Google Maps in WordPress

Looking to add a map to your site but unsure of the best method? We've helped users add all types of files onto their sites and embedding content onto your site is another method to create rich content for your site's visitors. In this video we will show you how to add Google Maps to your WordPress site.

Start by going to the Google Maps website and type in the address you want embedded on your site. With your location selected you will want to click the share link and go to the Embed map tab of the popup. Copy the code and paste it into the text editor on the post or page and publish the changes to have one method to embed the Google Map on your site.

The second method will be to use a plugin called MapPress Easy Google Maps. If you do not know how to install a plugin on your site you would want ot take a look at our article:

For the plugin we are using in this tutorial you can find a direct link to it here:

MapPress Maps for WordPress

Get API Key:

With the plugin installed and activated you will want to go to your MapPress settings to start generating your Google API. It can take some time for the initial project for the API to be created and you can normally tell the status by the icon in the top right of the page. Once the project is created you can leave the key restriction as blank and create the API key.

Copy the API key and add it to MapPress' settings section and save your changes to be able to use add the Google Maps to your site. In the plugin's settings you can set the standard display sizes for your maps to use to customize it to your liking. With that set you can go to a post or page where you want the Google Map to be added.

On the bottom of your post or page is a new section for you to title, size, and add any points of interest you like to your Google Map. Save your settings to set the map and you will now be able to click the link to insert the map into your post. A shortcode will be added on the back end and when viewing the post or page there will now be a Google Map embedded there.

Text version of this tutorial

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